Aged 35 or above? Love travelling? Enjoy playing badminton? Like being a member of a team? 

Oceania Masters in Paradise 2022 is the first Master’s (35+) badminton team event to be hosted by Badminton Oceania, in partnership with Cook Islands Badminton, to take place in the stunning surroundings of Rarotonga. It is also the first Master’s wheelchair badminton tournament to take place in the Cook Islands. The event combines all the elements of travel, sunshine, badminton competition, tourist activities, and social functions with new and old friends.

Note: The Cook Islands are in the UTC−10 time zone and do not observe daylight saving. Meanwhile, Australia ranges between the UTC +8, +9.5, +10 time zone and New Zealand at UTC +12. You must take this into consideration when booking all elements of the trip. The event schedule and packages below should clarify the dates and timings.

The Cook Islands government recently announced that it will be mandatory for all visitors aged 12 and above to be fully vaccinated in order to enter the country.



  • The Supporter Package is for non-players (partners/carers/guests) only
  • All costs are non-refundable, except in the instance of event cancellation due to COVID-19 (see more information in FAQs)
  • All prices are in New Zealand Dollars


Follow these three simple steps to register to compete in the Wheelchair team tournament at the Oceania Masters in Paradise 2022. (If you are wanting to compete in the able-bodied 35+/55+ competitive or 40+ recreational divisions, please click here instead)

In the wheelchair tournament, players will need to register independently. You can include supporters (carers/partners/guests in this registration form)

Badminton Oceania will form teams of 2 before the tournament begins. A team will consist of 2 people (could be same or mixed genders) who will play 2 singles per tie, totaling 4 matches per tie.

  • Early Bird offer ends at 5pm on 30 January 2021
  • See packages and prices per person above
Please note: This link is for wheelchair players only


Book Flights

For players from Australia, it is your responsibility to book flights to and from Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Note: You must consider the time differences when booking flights to Cook Islands, to ensure you arrive on time for the tournament.

If you are travelling through or from New Zealand, you can take advantage of the exclusive fairs secured with Air New Zealand (all prices are in New Zealand Dollar) on the following flights only:

This link is for those travelling on the exclusive Air New Zealand fares only

  • EARLYBIRD DEAL (Purchased before 5 December 2021)
  • DEP: AKL Fri 27 May 8.55am / ARR: RAR Thu 26 May 2.45pm (1 flight – 3h 50m)
  • DEP: RAR Wed 1 June 4pm / ARR: AKL Thu 2 June 6.20pm (1 flight – 4h 20m)
  • $860 return (Seat + Bag) or $910 (The Works)
  • NON-EARLYBIRD DEAL (Available 6-20 December 2021)
  • DEP: AKL Fri 27 May 8.55am / ARR: RAR Thu 26 May 2.45pm (1 flight – 3h 50m)
  • DEP: RAR Wed 1 June 4pm / ARR: AKL Thu 2 June 6.20pm (1 flight – 4h 20m)
  • $890 return (Seat + Bag) or $939 return (The Works)

What is included in Seat + Bag? One checked bag (up to 23kg), one carry-on (up to 7kg), complimentary tea, coffee and water, selected TV shows, music and games. More options to purchase food on-board.

What is included in The Works? One checked bag (up to 23kg), one carry-on (up to 7kg), a meal and drinks, access to full inflight entertainment and seat selection before you fly.

By submitting the form to book these flights, you thereby agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Note: Only use this link to book if you wish to travel on the exact flights and prices mentioned above. Subject to availability. Otherwise, you will need to book flights directly with Air New Zealand.

The Edgewater Resort and Spa is one of the best-known resorts in the Cook Islands and will become the home of Oceania Masters in Paradise 2022, providing you with an unforgettable week of badminton and island life. A limited number of accessible rooms are available.

Check out the exclusive rates for Oceania Masters in Paradise – rates only apply to bookings made before 1 March 2022. Subject to availability. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Note: Only use this link to book if you wish to stay at the Edgewater Resort & Spa using the special rates agreed with Badminton Oceania.

Please note: This link is for wheelchair players only



Does the accommodation provider have accessible rooms?

Yes. There are a limited number of accessible, downstairs rooms available at The Edgewater Resort and Spa. On the accommodation booking form, there are questions and options relevant to accessibility which you can make clear to honour your booking in an accessible room.

Are the transport options accessible?

Yes. Transport is provided as part of the player package, for those staying at The Edgewater Resort and Spa, to and from the airport, hotel and playing venue on tournament days only (26-31 May)

Is the tournament venue accessible?

Yes. The Telecom Arena is accessible to wheelchair players, with one accessible bathroom on site.

Are the beaches wheelchair accessible?

The Edgewater Resort and Spa is situated right on the beachfront and is accessible.


What are the age groups and divisions?

There is only one division for the wheelchair team tournament – Competitive division ages 35+

The age date is as at the start of the tournament: ie. 26 May 2022.

How will the competition be organised?

Players will register for the tournament independently. Badminton Oceania will form teams of two to compete in the tournament. The teams may include single or mixed gender teams, all of which will compete in the same division.

In each tie, both players will play 2 x singles matches, meaning that a tie will consist of 4 x singles matches in total.

Each match will use standard scoring: the best of 3 games to 21 points with extension.

The winners of each tie are determined by the total number of points won across all matches.

The aim is for each team to play a maximum of 2 ties per day, with transport provided to ensure players are able to return to accommodation to enjoy the resort or travel at their own free will.

It is not guaranteed that every team will play on every playing day. The final entry numbers will determine the format of each section.

Where does the badminton competition take place?

The badminton competition will take place inside the Telecom Sports Arena.

What days will the badminton competition take place?

The badminton will take place between Thursday 26 May – Tuesday 31 May 2022. See the tournament schedule above.
Each day will be made up of up to four sessions, while Sunday 29 May will only consist of a fun AirBadminton tournament and an excursion.

Is there any assistance in case of injury during the event?

Everyone attending the event will be responsible for sorting their own travel insurance arrangements. There will be basic first aid available at the stadium.

Are ambulant para players able to compete (in a wheelchair) in this?

Yes. Any player with a disability is able to compete in a wheelchair in this team tournament. Players will need to provide their own sport wheelchair.

Do players need any form of classification (national or international) to meet the wheelchair requirement?

Players do not need an official classification. However, if they have received national or international classification, you can inform us on your registration form.


How do I form a team?

Players are not responsible for forming a team. Players register independently and Badminton Oceania will organise the teams of 2 before the tournament begins.

How do I register?

Every player needs to register and purchase a player package to compete.

You can register by filling out the ‘Player Registration form‘ – see ‘Step 1’ above.

  • Early Bird offer ends at 5pm on 30 January 2021
  • See packages and prices per person above

Do we have to purchase a package to take part?

Yes, all players must purchase the player package

I can’t make all scheduled activities, can I pay for a select few?

No. All players must purchase the full package.

I am attending the event with a non-player, do they need to purchase a different package?

If your acquaintance (partner/carer/guest) wishes to utilise the transport and attend the social functions and excursion, they must purchase the supporter package – this package is for non-players only. There is no option to purchase the individual components.

Can I have people come to support me?

Yes, everyone is welcome to come and watch the event. There is no charge to enter the stadium as a spectator.

There is a supporter’s package available for non-players to ensure your supporters can get transport to and from the airport, to and from  the stadium and to participate in the social and tourism activities..

When do entries close?

Early bird Non early bird Final closing date
Player Registration 5pm, 30 January 2022 5pm, 30 March 2022 5pm, 30 March 2022
Air New Zealand special rates Purchased before 5pm, 1 November 2021 5pm, 1 November –
5pm, 15 December 2021
After 5pm, 15 December 2021, players are responsible for booking their own flights at market rate.
The Edgewater Resort & Spa special rates Special rates available until 31 January 2022 After 5pm, 31 January 2022, players are responsible for booking their own accommodation at market rate.

Can players from outside of New Zealand or the Cook Island enter?

Yes, this tournament is open to everyone over the ages of 35. However, it all depends on the border restrictions in place at the time of the tournament. Currently, the only way into the Cook Islands is via New Zealand, therefore it would require the New Zealand borders to be open to your country. You can find the latest information regarding border control on the New Zealand Government’s Unite against COVID-19 website.

Please follow your local government’s latest COVID-19 updates for informed travel instructions.


If the tournament is cancelled due to COVID-19, what is the tournament policy?

All associated registration fees (team and player packages) are fully refundable in the event that the government imposes COVID-19 restrictions that do not allow travel to the Cook Islands.

It is strongly advised that you seek travel insurance. If you book on the exclusive flight deals with Air New Zealand (mentioned in ‘Step 3’ above) then your travel is covered in our terms and conditions as it does not come under the Air New Zealand policy..

The policy for the Edgewater Resort and Spa is also covered on page 4 of the Accommodation Provider pack.


How can I get from the airport to the hotel?

Airport transfers are for those who are staying at the Edgewater Resort and Spa only. If you are staying elsewhere, you will need to arrange your own transport, at your own cost.

Airport transfers to and from the Edgewater Resort and Spa are accessible.

How do we travel from the hotel to the playing venue?

The player and supporter package includes transport from the Edgewater Resort to the Telecom Arena for all sessions.

If players are staying outside of the Edgewater Resort they will need to arrange their own transport to either the Edgewater Resort or the Telecom Arena.

Transfers to and from the Edgewater Resort and Spa – Telecom Arena are accessible.

How can I get around the island in my downtime?

Traffic dependent (although unlikely) it takes approximately 45 minutes to drive around the island. You can get around by hiring a car or motorcycle or using the public transport
Car and bike Hire: We will be partnering with a car and motorcycle provider, details available soon. Please note you may be required to purchase a Cook Islands Drivers License (for a small additional fee)
Public Transport: A public bus runs throughout the week.


How do I make an accommodation reservation?

Badminton Oceania has partnered with Edgewater Resort to offer special event prices.

View the accommodation provider pack. A limited number of rooms are available at the special prices, therefore we advise that you book early using our registration form to avoid disappointment.

How far away is the hotel from the airport?

Edgewater Resort is 3.5km away from the Airport, approximately a 6-minute drive.

How far away is the hotel from the playing venue?

Edgewater resort is 3.4km away from the Telecom Arena, approximately an 8-minute drive.

Are there any clothes washing facilities at the hotel?

Yes, communal washing machines are available to use for a small charge, payable at the hotel. Villas include washing facilities. For a full list of amenities at Edgewater Resort, visit the Edgewater Resort website.

Where can I get tourist information for the Cook Islands?

For more information on the wonderful activities to do in the Cook Islands, check out https://cookislands.travel/en-NZ.