The strategic plan guides our Executive and Management in the activities of the organisation.

VISION: Badminton – The leading regional sport accessible to all.

MISSION: To lead and strengthen, in partnership with our stakeholders, innovative, sustainable and exciting development and event initiatives.

The Strategic Plan has four strategic focuses which provide the focus of our energy:

  • Organisation Capacity and Capability Building
  • Marketing and communications
  • Tournaments and Events
  • Badminton For All


Excellence: Strive continually to be the best in what we do to achieve quality experiences and outcomes

Innovation: Embrace, adapt and implement change through continual improvement to enhance delivery and engagement

Leadership: To empower and give confidence to all, to be bold, brave, innovative, collaborative and inspirational

Integrity: High levels of honesty, transparency and ethical behaviour creating an environment of trust and respect for everyone in everything we do in a fair and responsible way

Inclusiveness: Proactively embrace diversity and inclusivity, providing accessible and equitable opportunities across all events and activities