Player Development is the backbone of our sport in an ever-changing and developing climate to give players opportunities to develop and achieve their goals to be the best they can. Badminton Oceania aims to progress operation structures and framework to enhance player pathways while working to assist Member Associations representation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and world events of importance. Our Player Development programme has a direct correlation to our Coach education programme as high-quality coaches and high-quality players go hand in hand.

Badminton Oceania’s Player Development programme is a 3-Tier programme aimed primarily at under 19 (U19) Junior athletes where Member Associations needs are addressed on an individual basis according to the development of the sport in their country.

3-Tier Programme

  • Cook Island U15 / U17
  • Fiji U15 / U17
  • Tonga  U15 / U17
  • Samoa U15 / U17
  • Papua New Guinea U15 / U17

To bring the junior players from selected Pacific Island countries together into a performance training environment and build a progressive and positive training culture linked with tournament experience at a level above what is available in-country.

Long term the programme aims to develop players towards the Youth Olympic Games 2022 and beyond.

  • Targeted Pacific Island U17 Players
  • AIMS Games
  • Pacific Development Squad
  • New Caledonia  U17/19
  • Tahiti U17/U19
  • Cook Islands U17/U19

To assist countries who have not attended to World Junior Championships before a progressive development plan and work towards attending this event in 2020 when it is held in the Oceania Region (New Zealand). The intention is to expose players to the level of junior badminton in various parts of the world and inspire development in the countries to work towards a higher level of badminton.

  • International Junior tournaments linked with a training camp out of country. 2019 – Australian Junior International prior to a 3 day training Camp
  • World Junior Championships 2020 – New Zealand
  • Australia U17
  • New Zealand U17
  • Australia / New Zealand Senior players towards Tokyo 2020

To work with players over a cycle of 4 years from 2019 to 2022 to best prepare for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games. This will include 2 years of development and experience of international training and events before setting a campaign tournament plan within the Qualifying period.

  • Targeted U17 Australia and New Zealand athletes to work with over a period of time (YOG Cycle).
  • Asia Training experience with a Tier 1 Badminton nation.

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