Badminton Oceania actively supports participation of women and men in badminton at all levels of the sport – on and off the ‘field of play’.

Badminton Oceania is committed to strengthening gender equity across everything that we do.

The purpose of our Women In Badminton scholarship programme is to increase female representation in activities within Badminton Oceania where a lack of female participation has been identified and to increase the leadership skills of identified women.

Badminton Oceania is proud to have high female representation by some outstanding women in all areas: Executive Board, Staff, Technical Officials, Coaches, Administrators, Shuttle Time Trainers, Tutors and Teachers, Players and Volunteers.

Women Board Members

Badminton Oceania strives for 50% women representation on our Executive Board. The women currently on the Badminton Ocenaia Executive Board are:

  • Geraldine Brown (AUS) – also BWF Gender Equity Commission Chair
  • Johanna Kou (NCL)
  • Ngaoa Ranginui (COK)
  • Leody Vainikolo (TGA)

The 2018 Women in Badminton Scholarships were awarded for the following projects:

  • Para-badminton classifier training
  • Referee training and attendance at national events
  • Observation of a para-badminton event with a view to developing a national para-badminton plan
  • Coach development
  • Shuttle Time tutor training
  • In-country Board member leadership training

The POWA is awarded biannually to recognise outstanding contribution to promote women in badminton. Previous winners include:

2014 – Val Nesbitt (AUS)

2016 – Judith Cousins (AUS)

2018 – Nynette Sass (SAM)

In 2018 Judith Cousins was awarded the prestigious BWF Women In Badminton Award:

The ONOC Equity Commission (ECO), previously known as WASO, was formed to build the capacity of women in sport throughout the region to create new opportunities and improved results for the benefit of women and sport.

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BWF Technical Officials from Oceania

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