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The umpire has authority over a particular match and in charge of the court and its immediate surroundings. It is the responsibility of the umpire to ensure that the matches assigned to them abide by the laws, code of conducts and rules and regulations of the BWF.

The role also involves keeping track of the score and announcing in between each point, along with making calls on service faults, other player faults and lets. Any incidents must also be noted by the umpire and reported to the referee. The umpires jurisdiction exists from the time that players enter the court before starting to the match until the time that they leave once the match is complete.The umpire reports to and acts under the authority of the referee.


  • Jiten Bhatt (AUS)
  • Kelly Hoare (AUS)
  • Trish Gubb (NZL)
  • Sidney Galos (NZL)
  • Dorothy Callister (NZ)
  • Jean-Philippe Berges (NCL)
  • Justin Zuo (NZ)
  • David Turner (AUS)
  • Mark Speight (AUS)
  • Gail Speight (AUS)
  • Richard Bramley (NZL)
  • Kelvin Tsui (NZ)
  • Susan Taylor (AUS)
  • Pauline Dobson (AUS)
  • Bikash Mukherjee (NZ)
  • Greg Pitcher (NZ)
  • Laurent DeGeoffroy (NCL)
  • Cynthia Tam (AUS)
  • Joshua Ho (AUS)
  • Sheehan Lim (AUS)
  • Richard Wong (AUS)
  • Kathryn Blencowe (AUS)
  • David Turner (AUS)
  • Greg Vellacott (AUS)
  • Susan Taylor (AUS)
  • Kelly Hoare (AUS)
  • Richard Bramley (NZL)
  • Trish Gubb (NZL)
  • Nicolas Mouret (TAH)
  • Taurea Mara (TAH)
  • Sione Vainikolo (TGA)
  • Joel Reti (SAM)
  • Cherish Reti (SAM)



To be accepted for assessment as an Oceania Umpire, the following criteria will apply:

  • Accredited Umpire – candidate must be a Certificated level National or Pacific Umpire and have held that qualification for a minimum of two years. All nominees must have met their National/Pacific TOC criteria for that Level in the previous 12 months. Understand and speak English fluently.
  • Certificated Umpire – candidate must be an accredited level Oceania Umpire and have held that qualification for a minimum of two years.  All nominees must have met both their National/Pacific TOC and the Oceania criteria for that level in the previous 12 months.  Understand and speak English fluently.

For full details of Umpire qualifications and assessments, please click on the PDF link.